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2 months ago

Unable to connect bitbar browser

I am using Bitbar Cloud devices in my automation testing. Until yesterday, I didn't face any issues connecting with the Bitbar browser. Today, I encountered difficulties connecting with the Bitbar mobile browser and received the following authentication error. Surprisingly, this issue only occurs on the mobile browser, as I can still connect to the desktop browser without any problems. I am trying to understand why it's not connecting to the mobile browser. Your suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Reason: com.testdroid.api.APIException: Full authentication is required to access this resource

There was an attempt to run the remote browser with the following capabilities:
"automationName" : "UiAutomator2",
"bitbar_device" : "Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra -US",
"bitbar_findDevice" : "false",
"browserName" : "Chrome",
"deviceName" : "Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra -US",
"platformName" : "Android"
The hub URL:

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    There seems to be additional parameters required - if you do an Internet search for "Full authentication is required to access this resource" you will see.

    Also see Authentication

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      rraghvaniThanks for your reply. I didn't make any changes, but after a while, it started working again. It looks like the server was down.