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14 years ago

Unable to catch popup menu based on Telerik control on SharePoint Web Part page

In my project I have SharePoint Web Part page with Telerik context menu used. I am trying to catch and control it using Menu object but receive run-time error:

set w=Browser.window("*") ' catch top level browser window. Also I have tried Browser.window("*","",1)

[activate control menu] 'activate popup menu. It is displayed on the screen now.

set p=w.popupMenu 'error here: Can not obtain the popup menu.

Could you please advise what can be wrong here? How can I obtain Menu object here for popup menu? In documentation it is stated that I can use this object with Telerik context menu components.

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  • Hi Klavdiia,

    As far as I understand, you need to find a way to work with a web element representing a pop-up menu which appears after a specific mouse hover action. If so, I recommend that you just record a sample script and see how it works. Note that the HoverMouse action which makes the pop-up menu appear should be recorded too along with a pop-up menu item click.

    If this is not what you need, please describe the task you need to accomplish in detail.