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12 years ago

Unable to access any of the controls from RibbonControl(ribbon banner)


I am working with the desk top application, which build in c++ and devloper express controler. here i have a ribbon banner, which contains some controlers like New,Edit and Delete and those looks like a controler but does not recognized by testcomplete using objects spy ... here i am able to record them successfully and executred some times without fail, but most of the times it fails, due to wait issue or the controler is not accessible by testcomplete. so could some one please help me to solve this issue, or is that known issue with Testcomplete 

the recorded action as 

Aliases["RetailSuite"]["wrkspc_AdminConsole"]["top_banner"]["ClickItem"]("Single Order|Edit|New");  

the above code works some times and most of the times it is not working...even i am unable to retrive the New objects by using Objects spy.                                                                               

Note :- I am able to indetify the obejct till below objects 


waiting for your valuable reply

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi Ashok,


    What exactly doesn't work? Do you get any error in the test log? What TestComplete version are you using? Please zip your entire project suite folder along with the log of the failed test execution and post it here or send our Support Team the archive via our Contact Support form.


  • thanks for your reply :)

    i just wanted to wait until the below controle(Single Order|Edit|New) get loaded.

    I am able to click on the control but wanted to wait before click the control

    Aliases["RetailSuite"]["wrkspc_AdminConsole"]["top_banner"]["ClickItem"]("Single Order|Edit|New");