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2 years ago

UIAObject (Microsoft UI Automation) not recognized by TestComplete 14.93

This occurs on a VMware VM.  Other VMs and PCs recognize these "standard" Windows 10 objects fine.  I've double-checked the normal items such as plugin installed & active, the Open Applications > UI Automation settings, as well as a TestComplete "repair" install & full uninstall/re-install.   No luck.

* Windows 10 Enterprise

* Version 20H2

* OS 19042.804

* Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.5510


And for kicks, the objects not recognized are menu items and panels such as those available via Windows Start, as well as Windows such as Settings.  So what I would classify as standard Windows.  Our application does have some UIAObject panels and those are recognized!



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    When you say "not recognized" are you saying that you are getting object not found errors in a test or are you not able to name map those objects?