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4 years ago

Trying to open the File Explorer to then browse to an executable to check its digital signature

Hello there!

I want to verify the digital signature of an executable file (an installer) via TestComplete, but even though all the windows can be seen on the Object Browser (and thus can be mapped and manipulated via aliases), I'm stuck before that: how best to:

  1. Open the File Browser
  2. Go to the proper location (copy/paste of path on address bar I guess)
  3. Select (via "ClickR()" I would think) the expected installer to open the popup menu which has the Properties option.

I pasted as example WinSCP installer's Properties window.

I am totally stuck at opening the File Browser. I managed to open it (button on botom menu) but I simply cannot seem to paste the path of the executable on the address bar (will no allow SetText).

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    4 years ago

    The powershell solution is sure interesting, but insufficient for the checks I want to do (just check for it to be valid is not enough).

    I ended up doing it the old fashioned way: opened File Explorer, browsed (since I could not paste the path on the address bar) to the installer location, opened Properties dialog and checked everything I needed.
    Thanks anyway for the suggestions!

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