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2 years ago

The tcHostingProcess.exe process crashed.

I used Test complete method 14.40.1658.7 x64. And try to load the dll with method "DLL.Load()" and the Test complete reports "

An exception occurred: 0xC0000005; class: ; description" and then try to run the function defined in dll, the TC reports 

"The tcHostingProcess.exe process crashed." after running for about 2 hours.


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    If I remember it right, Win error 5 is 'Access Denied'. So I would start with this and try to figure out why this error is thrown. (Assuming that I have no idea of what DLL you was trying to load.)

    Considering that tcHostingProcess crashed in two hours after failed call to load DLL, I would not think that this is related to DLL call but yon may create Support ticket via the form and maybe Support will ask you for some additional information about the crashed process.