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5 years ago

The TCHookX86.exe process has not responded for 5000 ms

Hi all,   I have a machine that I am trying to install Test Complete 14.20 on.   It will not run in x64 mode.  I get the following error:   Either the installation files or registry data are corrup...
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    Support help me get up an running.  The issue was the process did not have enough time to start on my machine.  I had to increase the wait period.  Not sure what the bottleneck is when I try to start TC.  My computer is a Dell T7600 with with 2x Xeon Processors and 32 gb of RAM. 


    Anyway here are the steps if anyone has the issue. 


    When starting TestComplete, you may get the The TCHookX86.exe process either does not respond or does not exist errors. Usually, these errors occur on machines which do not have enough system resources.

    The error is caused by a delay that occurs during the communication of TestComplete.exe and the hook processes that attach themselves to applications running on your machine. There is an auto-timeout value that can be changed to give the hook processes more time to "get ready" with the TestComplete application. Those values can be found in your registry at these locations:

    "TCHookX86NormalModeWaitTimeout" - set 10 (0000000a in hex)
    "TCHookX86SilentModeWaitTimeout" - set 60 (0000003c in hex)


    (I had to create ....SmartBear\TestComplete\14.0)
    "TCHookX86NormalModeWaitTimeout" - set 10 (0000000a in hex)
    "TCHookX86SilentModeWaitTimeout" - set 60 (0000003c in hex)

    Please note that the values may not exist in the registry on your machine. You may have to add these dword values into the registry key. Note that the values are in the hex numerical format. It makes sense to double the current values as a preliminary step and work upward until you would find a value that works.

    Note: remember to always back up your registry before modifying it, just in case.