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2 years ago

Testing in real mobiles multifactor authentification



In my company they are implementing multifactor authentification and I would like to know how to test online to receive codes in not real mobiles to do a lot of test with minimum cost.


Application send a verification code in a telephone number of different countries and I would like to check if virtual telephone number is receiving this code.

I have search this web but it is not working:


Could you help me? Smart bear has something?


Thanks, a lot,



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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hello Sonia,


    Due to how TestComplete works, we are expecting to know the 2nd factor of the authentication, in order to use it in the test.  Multi factor authentication is not something that can be supported unless you can automate the receiving of an email to capture that 2nd factor, or you know what the 2nd factor would be.  Hopefully you can work around it, let us know how it goes.

  • It does not relate to TestComplete or any other automation software. You would need to ask developers to provide a way they will implement to make MFA testing feasible.