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8 months ago

TestExecute reports failure when Log Indicates full success



I am running a long set of overnight Testcomplete tests via GITLab CI. In some cases, the test is fully executing, logging success end-to-end, and then terminating with:


The TestExecute process has exited the the following code: -1

Failed to open the error log file. C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\{AA###!@$#}.log


ERROR: Job failed: exit status 0xffffffff


This causes gitlab to report failure instead of pass as the run log would indicate. In these cases, inspection of the exported log AND the log in the testcomplete session show green end to end. I've read that -1 indicates a license issue, but could that be accurate if my test is fully executing?


command line call:


.\SessionCreator.exe RunTest /UserName:$TCUSERNAME /password:$TCPASSWORD /UA /ScreenResolution:"3840*2160" /ProjectPath:"*projectPath*" /project:"Project" /test:"test" /Timeout:9000 /ExportLog:"*filepath*" /arg:"/e"

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    I should mention, subsequent jobs in the same pipeline will run end to end and properly log success.

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    Since you're running a long set of tests, it's possible that your licence server services may have restarted. Check you server logs to rule anything out.



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      We took an look and confirmed no events indicating any such issues during that window or the rest of the test run on the license server