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11 years ago

TestExecute failed to recognize objects of Application which is opened before TestExecute invoked.


We are working with wpf application where we have created test suite for different modules . To drive our test suite we have created one vbs file which take care of test execution (Batch runner).

As we are working on standalone application we need to invoke / use already opened application session to perform steps and validation.

Problem we are facing that Testexecute unable to recognize objects of an application if Application is opened before the testexecute invoked.

Does anybody faced same problem or having solution please share with us.

Note: If we are running same with Testcomplete its working properly.

Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Nil,


    I guess it may be related to the fact that TestExecute and your tested app are run under different accounts. Check this out.


  • Thank you for your suggestion Tanya.

    The problem has been resolved now.

    Problem created because of Windows update in last week.

    Yesterdays windows updates fixed the issue.

    once again Thank you for reply