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2 years ago

TestComplete15 Service and Virtual Machines

I have to run my copy of TestComplete on a VM due to company policies.


The TestComplete15 service sets the CPU to 100% if I don't shut it down before I sign out of the VM, so then the VM becomes unusable and I have to open an internal ticket to get a reboot.


I've developed PowerShell scripts as a workaround, but I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered the same problem and has a more elegant solution.

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    What version of TestComplete 15:
    What type of VM ?   VMware or HyperV, etc.

    When you start up TestComplete, does you TestComplete 15 service ramp up?
    Does it slowly go up after running scripts ?

    Just looking for more details here on what you are doing on the VM ?



  • Vmware Version 7 update 3g
    CPU = 6 CPU cores
    Memory = 8GB
    Disk space - 80 GB

    I am running TestComplete on a VM as Operations here didn't want it installed on my laptop.


    Using a simple PowerShell script, I can see that the service consumes about 8 MB of the memory when TestComplete starts.