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5 months ago

TestComplete14.72 is not recognizing WinUI-3 objects

Dear All, 

I am trying to automate "WinUI 3 Gallery" Desktop application that is available in windows app store for free. 

During automation i noticed that the left side pane Navigation view controls in winui 3 gallery app is not recognizable by Test Complete. I have selected *(to accept all windows) in UIAutomation settings from "Tools -> current project settings -> open applications" and yet issue persists.

I have marked the pane for which above issue is observed in the attached image. May be i am missing some settings.

Same issue i noticed for all the Desktop applications that are developed using WinUi-3 or Xaml.

Could anyone please help?

SmartBear customer care is not responding to my tickets. 

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    KiranGanji, we have the exact same issue you describe. The NavigationView control cannot be targeted by TestComplete for any app we have tried that was developed with WinUI 3. We were notified by the support team that WinUI 3 was supported, but we have yet to get these controls working.

    We have gotten around this by using the arrow keys to navigate to desired navigation view items, but this is not ideal. We are still looking for a proper solution for this.

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      Some info i would like to provide here. 
      we had a lenghty discussion with Smartbear and support for WINUI-3 is expected to be released end of Q3-2024. Note that, this is just a tentative timeline.

      Also, apart from navigationview control testcomplete fails to recognize popups from WINUI-3 application.

      My suggestion is to move out of testcomplete if possible. Try Squish/Ranorex/UFT.

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      As per TestComplete Support Team all XAML based WINUI-3 applications and controls are supported. 

      I have also tried with TestComplete15 version and issue persists.