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2 years ago

TestComplete SessionCreator execution order with tags

Does anyone know the execution order of a TestComplete SessionCreator project when it is run via command line and tags are specified?


It doesn't appear to follow the order specified in the Execution Plan; although it does appear to start with the same test case each time, despite this test case appearing in the middle of the Execution Plan.


Alternatively, is there a way to ensure the tests are run in Execution Plan order even when specifying tags in the command line (assuming that the test cases in the Execution Plan meet the tag requirements)?

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    As mentioned in Tags,


    "Whenever you run tests by tags or tag expressions, the test order is not set, that is, the test engine runs the tests in an arbitrary order. If the order matters, you need to run tests in another way. For example, you can create test items, one for each test. Test items run in the explicit order – from top to bottom. See the description of the Execution Plan editor."