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3 years ago

TestComplete not highlighting all JavaScript Reserved Words

Has anyone run across this scenario? I have a JavaScript project in TestComplete 15.3 but not all JavaScript reserved words are being highlighted as I create my script test. The words let, await, and export are not highlighted as JavaScript reserved words. I thought perhaps it wasn't highlighting ECMAScript 5 and 6 words, but enum and super are ECMAScript 5 and 6 words that are showing up as highlighted. I have attached a screenshot showing which words TestComplete is highlighting and which JavaScript reserved words it is not highlighting. Any assistance/explanation would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Have you just typed them in separate lines in the editor?

    If yes, than some combinations just result in valid code expressions and thus are highlighted appropriately.

    For example:



    is a valid declaration of a variable named 'let'. Thus var is highlighted as a keyword and let is highlighted as a regular variable.


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      Hi Alex,


      Here is some code that I have:

      const fileDriver = DDT.ExcelDriver(filePath, sheetName);
      fileDriver.Name = "enterNewMember";

      let LineOfBusiness = fileDriver.Value("Line of Business");


      In the above example, the "const", and "while" are highlighted as JavaScript reserved words but "let" is not.