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8 years ago

TestComplete NetworkSuite - Copying project to slave - Can you automate it?



I am currently looking into setting up my TestComplete NetworkSuite to run automatically at night.


What I do at the moment is, boot up my VMs, Open TestComplete, Go to the Hosts page under NetworkSuite, Verify that the VMs are online and click the 'Copy Project to Slave' button. The project is on a server and it gets copied to each slave. Once that is complete I just run the Job or Task under the network suite, which opens TextExecute in the VMs and they use the local copy of the project which was just copied to them.


I would like to automate this whole process.


Spinning up the VMs is something that is outside of TestCompletes control and I have done that using Windows Task Scheduler.


Opening the NetworkSuite should be fine as there are TestComplete command lines to do that.


My problem is getting the project to the Slaves, which is handled in the TestComplete UI by clicking 'Copy Project to Slave' button. Can this step be automated via a TestComplete command line?



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