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7 years ago

TestComplete Name Mapping Issues - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016



I have been trying to automate our MS Dynamics 2016 application with TestComplete for a few months and keep running into issues with object identification. I reviewed this thread and it is suggested that Microsoft UI Automation be used to help with identifying objects:


However, our CRM application is a web application. We only have a license for Web Testing because we only develop web applications at my company but it seems like the UI Automation functionality is only available through the Desktop Module according to this article: We looked into getting a Desktop license and it looks like we need an exe to drop into TestComplete to map the objects but like I said above, our MS CRM system is a web application so no exe exists. Can anyone shed any light on how to make object identification work smoother for MS CRM in TestComplete? 


Current behavior we are seeing is significant delays in object recognition (2-3 minutes per step) which is making it basically unusable. I have tried mapping additional parent objects to improve the object recognition performance but I haven't seen a significant improvement after doing so. Any help would be appreciated! 


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    Let's see an example of the code that runs slow and the name mapping that relates to it.