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8 months ago

TestComplete Instructor Led Training

Hello.  Is there a place preferably online whereby one can attend an instructor led training class on TestComplete advanced topics?  Specifically, I want to learn how to apply Python to TestComplete for better control of TestComplete to UI interactivity.  I am seeing a high amount of failures currently when trying to work with TestComplete and my given application which is 100 percent web based Chrome.  We do not need to cross browser test but parallel tests would be nice to have without BitBar.  We want to roll our own grid via TestComplete.  Thank you.



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    What do you mean by "how to apply Python to TestComplete"? TestComplete supports the scripting language Python, for test automation. Python - Specifics of Usage has more information.


    What do you mean by "high amount of failures" - you have not provided any screen shots or error messages relating to the failures. What version of TestComplete and Chrome are you using?


    What do you mean by "We want to roll our own grid via TestComplete" - what is grid?


    If you get in contact with SmartBear, I'm sure they can provide training.