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5 years ago

Testcomplete does not use "automation id" of a WPF "window" as identifier.


I'm using keyword test for WPF application. Every object in the application we set unique automation id. In name mapping tab (mapped objects and aliases "properties" screen or edit name mapping window-->"selected" area) controls like buttons, textbox "Automation id"s take place as identifier. But when it comes to popup windows although windows has automation id, it is not used for identification.(name or something else been used).

I don't want to add "automation id" to "selected" side in "Edit Name Mapping Item" window one by one. Because I have/will have many popups.

Test complete version: 14.10

Thank you very much.

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    TestComplete's auto-mapping does not always use what we, the users, would strictly want it ot use.  This is why I RARELY use it.  I map things manually, first, and then write or record the tests.


    There isn't, really, a "mass" way of going back and editing all existing mappings.  And I'm not entirely sure if there is a way to control what properties to use. I believe that templates MAY help with this, but I've not had much experience with them.

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      Thank you for your answer. But there are hundreds of controls and hierarchy changes sometimes. Our solution is that give controls unique automation id. Textbox, buttons vs there is no problem but popup windows are problem. 

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        Also, how you map things manully first. Every control? or parent control?

        I directly record the test. Generally tests run successfully but sometimes hierarcy changes and i remap it manually.

        Nowadays, my problem is that controls over popup windows may not be recognized. We (with dev team) think that problem may be caused from this reason.