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13 years ago

Testcomplete and 64 bit slaves


I am automating  following test scenario for an application using TestComplete 8

Note that : The scenario passes when tested manually. However automation fails only on 64bit OS.

1. Create a user with password in the application and Enable option to "Force Password change on next boot" for this user

2. Reboot

3. After reboot, a page for "Password change" pops up

4. Change the password

Above testcase fails on 64 bit windows (xp, WinVista, Win7) and runs fine on 32 bit OS.

On 64 bit. IT fails at Step 3, as the popped page is not found.



Slave-Win7(32), win7(64) with user - Admin (admin privileges) with "Password". 

Master- Win7(64)   Automatic Logon is ticked in NetworkSuite/Hosts for same user i.e Admin/Password


After some investigation, I could narrow down to root cause.

1. When machine reboots, the password change window is popped on both 32 and 64 bit machines .

2. Go to NetworkSuite->Hosts. Verify Host. It will lock the machine.

3. Go to the slave machine and unlock it.

4. On 32 bit machine, you can see the Popped up window.

Whereas on 64 bit, the window is not present and the application exe is been killed somehow

Any help solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.



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