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3 years ago

TestComplete 14: Execution by command line: Passing in /PrjVar:NwkENV=QA01 stopped working

TestComplete 14: Execution by command line: Passing in /PrjVar:NwkENV=QA01 stopped working

and is not being recognized as it should be.


I have an ADO pipeline setup to pass in a command line to kick off TestComplete or TestExecute

on a HyperV session.


"C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestComplete 14\Bin\TestComplete.exe" "C:\Git.ClaimsManagement\ClaimsManagement\TestComplete\TC14_Version\XClaimProjSuite\XClaimProjSuite.pjs" /r /e /SilentMode /DoNotShowLog /p:XClaim /test:"Script|Group_QA01_Reg1|GroupQA01Reg1" /PrjVar:NwkENV=QA01


This has been working fine for the past many months until lately.


This is used by a config script to know what env I am running against to change

up and use the respective and correct variables/values.


Actions performed to see if I could get the things working again:

I have restarted the HyperV.

I have copied\pasted the command line to a cmd window on the HyperV to run 

I upgraded TC 14.81 to 14.93   (not using TC15 yet)


I added a log statement within my script to show me the value of NwkENV

but from all the above tries and debugging from executing, /PrjVar:NwkENV=QA01

seems to be ignored ?

Posting for help. 

Any suggestions ?



  • My automation relies on the ability to pass in a value to set the Project Variable NwkENV so the test script

    runs on the correct environment - how script code is designed.


    Yes, I understand that, but in troubleshooting a problem, one wants to go to the basics first.  If the test doesn't run inside TestComplete, then troubleshooting at the higher level does no good. 


    Project.Variables.NwkENV = 'QA01'; 

    (If manually added in the script, this would allow the script to run -  mimicking if the command line had worked and set the Project Variable  NwkENV=QA01)


    Thank you for checking that the test does still run inside TestComplete.


    Since nothing changed in your system, I think you'll still need to contact Support directly at the link I posted.  They may have already encountered this issue with someone else and have a ready answer.



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      This did not happen after an upgrade.


      I updated original post to reflect that.


      I did the upgrade just to see if this would fix it.

      I could have re-installed TC14.81 but just decided to go to 14.93


      14.81 / 14.93 - same behavior  



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        Does the test still run if you do it directly inside TestComplete?