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6 years ago

TestComplete 14.1 beta

Hi TestComplete Community, 


We're excited to announce that TestComplete v14.1 is available in beta. Download v14.1 beta here - - and let us know what you think. The beta will run till the end of April.

The big features introduced in this release are -

  • Integration with Zephyr for Jira to help you gather faster insights and align your automation tests with projects, requirements and manual tests in Jira. Watch the video here. Or read the documentation here.
  • Conduct a health check of your web page, including performance, accessibility and best practices, as a part of your UI tests before going to production. Watch the video here. Or read the documentation here
  • All new Summary report for logs and export to JUnit capability
  • Enhacements to AI-Driven visual recognition (OCR) to help you detect text-based objects with ease. We introduced two new methods: 'ClickNextTo' - helps you click on objects next to an identified text and 'SendKeys' - helps you enter text into an input box next to an identified text
  • Support for EO.WebBrowser 
  • Enhacements to BDD support and integration with HipTest

Sign up for the beta here.

As members of the TestComplete community, we would greatly appreciate any feedback or insights you could provide to help us make TestComplete an even more powerful tool.


Thank you,

Prashant Mohan

Product Manager, TestComplete

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    Frequent Contributor

    Hi Prasanth,


    Good to see. Can you share any sample report for Junit ?

    All new Summary report for logs and export to JUnit capability




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      Hi Valla,


      The Junit report is the standard XML file like any other Junit report, I encourage you to download the beta and give it a try.



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      Have you tried it?  I mean, after all, one way to find out other than reading the supplied documentation...