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6 years ago

testcomplete - problem with run tests from Bamboo agent

Hi,   I have problem with runs tests from Bamboo agent on virtual machine. I have simply tests to run browser, open page and log in, and when I run its from comand line its ok, but the same scrip...
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    6 years ago



    As per the message says:

    > The operation cannot be performed, because the user session is non-interactive.

    Bamboo agent is started as a service, thus it does not have desktop assigned and cannot interact with it, thus OS has no place where to display UI interface of the started browser and thus TestComplete cannot find and interact with the requested UI element.


    Read and related help articles.

    In a nutshell: you must have test user logged-in, its desktop session must not be locked, Bamboo agent must be started as an application but not as a service within this user session and TestComplete must be started within this sesion as well. Note, that all these requirements are not TestComplete-specific but are generic requirements caused by the Windows OS.



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    6 years ago



    > How could I start it as application?

    I am not using Bamboo, so cannot provide you with instructions. Check the documentation.


    The architecture must be like this:

    -- You must interactively log in as a user on behalf of whom test will be executed;

    -- User session must be unlocked and all screensavers, timeouts, etc. must be disabled;

    -- Bamboo agent must be started as a regular application from within user session. This will provide the agent with the user desktop and GUI;

    -- On getting command from the Bamboo server, agent will start TestComplete and/or browser. TestComplete and browser will inherit access to the user desktop and GUI, so TestComplete will be able to interact with the browser.