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4 years ago

TestComplete - x64 Blank update pop up displayed

Dear Team,


Recently i've upgraded TestComplete into x64 version and since then on daily basis while launching the test complete I'm getting an empty "An update found..." pop up on the home screen.


There's no option to close or postpone this updates however using right click at top of the pop up corner we can remove this unwanted notification pop up.


Now the problem is that this new version failed any instances to recognize the object property especially while using the Xpath method.


Not sure if this has been already been reported or not but could someone help me to downgrade the test complete into the earlier stable version.


This is really frustrating the script running till yesterday all sudden has stopped working for me now.

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    4 years ago

    DarkShadows I see that the issue was resolved! Great news!

    Let me copy-paste the steps the support team suggested here:



    1. Completely uninstall TestComplete from your machine (run the installer under the administrator account in 'Run as administrator' mode), remove its installation folder, and reboot the computer.
    2. Download the TestComplete 14 installer from your SmartBear account []. I suggest that you use a download manager for this purpose.
    3. Temporarily disable the antivirus software on your machine.
    4. Run the TC 14 installer under the administrator account in 'Run as administrator' mode to install the product on your machine.


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      Thanks Marsha!


      DarkShadows I found the support ticket you are working on (00454276). Please post the final solution to the Community too. That would be extremely helpful for the community members. Thank you.

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        Hi There,

        I've been advised to reinstall the TestComplete tool using the TestComplete installer , i've asked my IT team to do so on priority once done i will share my further feedback