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7 years ago

Test Complete 12.42 does not compile with VS 2017 version

We are currently using TestComplete V9.3.1 with Visual Studio 2013 & 4.5.2 DotNet Version. This is used to automate test cases for a desktop based application that uses client-server model.


We have planned to migrate to Visual Studio 2017 with 4.7.1 DotNet Version & also understood that TC 12.42 does support the Visual Studio 2017 integration. We tried to test the version for compatibility before upgrade & failed.


Steps followed:

1. Created a test machine with Win 7 64-bit Client

2. Upgraded VS from 2013 to 2017

3. Upgraded TC from 9.3.1 to 12.42

4. Ran compilation that failed.


We use TC dlls in our solution (C#)

1. AutomatedQA.script.dll

2. AutomatedQA.TestComplete.CSConnectedApp.dll




1. Cannot convert type 'AutomatedQA.script.var.VarDelegate' to 'bool'

2. Cannot convert type 'AutomatedQA.script.var.VarDelegate' to 'int'

3. Cannot apply indexing with [] to an expression of type 'var.VarDelegate'

4. Cannot implicitly convert type 'AutomatedQA.script.var.VarDelegate' to 'AutomatedQA.script.var'


Appreciate your quick response on this to facilitate us in taking right TC version for migration.

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