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9 months ago

Test a web page within mobile devices by using an Android Studio emulator



I have to test my company product, that is a web site, within the mobile devices. I'm not convinced to use the virtual browser, because the Chrome mobile compatibility mode is not realistic.


Unfortunately I've not got the possibility to use a physical device, so I've installed and configured a machine  with an Android Studio emulator and Appium 1.22.3.

All the prerequisites have been installed and configured, and Test Complete can connect to the Android Studio emulator, by using the following capabilities:


The issue is that the web page is shown as a "WebView" object, that cannot be explored at all, so I cannot interact with the web page elements.

I've tried also with the SmartBearBrowser.apk but the result is the same and, if I've correctly understand, the SmartBearBrowser.apk is suggested for the usage only on real physical devices. 




It seems too much strange for me that the Mobile Add-On works only in case of test implementation for mobile applications (apk), and it doesn't work for the implementation of tests on web pages within the mobile devices.


Can someone clarify to me if it is really not feasible to reach my goal by using Test Complete?





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