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12 years ago

TC9 supports Subversion?

Hello All,

First of all please allow me to apologize for my ignorance.

That being said,  in the feature description for TC9 it was stated that TC9 supports Collabnet Subversion 1.7.4.  Is this the same as Apache Subversion?



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  • Hi Micheal,

    Apache Subversion is just a bunch of source code. You can compile it by yourself or get a version compiled by a third-party. CollabNet is one of such third-parties and we support the binary files of SVN produced by them.

    Please note that you can have several different compilations of Subversion (e.g. CollabNet and TortoiseSVN) without any problems. So, you can have your favorite Subversion client for working with it manually and CollabNet SVN for TestComplete at the same time.