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6 years ago

TC12 attempt to work with closed (excel) driver after updating to Office 365


This has been working for over 5 years, but started failing after I updated to office 365.

Following the update,  I can no longer run testcomplete from my laptop in this particular project.

It does not seem to makle any difference if I am opening DriverG with DDT.ExcelDriver(aInputFile, aInputSheet, false)

with DDT.ExcelDriver(aInputFile, aInputSheet, true) or omitting the parameter completely.

When I try to do aqConvertVarToStr or DriverG.EOF() I get an error "attempt to work with closed driver".

I can succesfully use DriverG.Name and it prints driver is Excel0


var DriverG = DDT.ExcelDriver(aInputFile, aInputSheet);

Log.Message(" driver is " + DriverG.Name);
omit = aqConvert.VarToStr(DriverG.Value(omitHeader));
Log.Message ( "omit is " + omit);

var row = 0;
var tempValue;
while (! DriverG.EOF() )

  • so although test complete claims to be a 64 bit application,  when I added the driver for 32 bit testcomplete after removing the 64 bit driver, it works as it has been.

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      Thanks Robert.  I have office 365 version of excel  and test compete 12.10.590.7 

      Curiously,  I can use the ddt  driver with another project from my laptop and it works fine.  This leads me to suspect there is some setting on the project that is screwing up the ddt driver but have not been able to find it.

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        so I tried creating both a new project as well as a new  project suite,  this did NOT work for my spreadsheet but did for my co-worker's spreadsheet.  I noticed that his spreadsheet is  using the extension  .xls  where mine is stored as .xlsx   unfortunately,  I am still getting the error after I copied my spreadsheet to xls format....