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12 years ago

TC 9 - innerText vs contentText

I've recently upgraded from TestComplete 8 to TestComplete 9.  

I've noticed a) innerText no longer shows up in the basic properties for a GUI object in object spy / the object browser, but now is included under the  advance properties.

b) there's something called contentText

My questions are: 

1) can we control what shows up on the basic properties tab of object spy?

2) why was innerText moved to advanced properties?

3) what is the difference between innerText and contentText?  is there a 'correct' one to use ?

Thanks very much.

Regards,  Curt Hicks

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  • Hi Curt,

    1. No, there is no such functionality, but we have an appropriate request in our DB, and your post has increased its rating. Thank you.

    2. The property was moved because it is not cross-browser.

    3. If you are planning to create cross-browser tests, you use contentText as this property is cross-browser. Please refer to our help system to learn more about cross-browser testing and using the contentText property.

    I hope this information helps.


  • Hello,

    Please refer to TestComplete's help. See also the User Forms: Overview and User Forms in TestComplete articles.

    For the future reference, we'd appreciate it if you started a new forum thread instead of posting to the existing threads. Keeping one thread per question makes it quicker and easier for other people to find answers by browsing and searching for the forums. Thanks!