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2 years ago

System locks while running script

Hi, I am running test complete scripts on my Windows 10 machine. My scripts usually takes about 2 hours to run. Though I have set system to never sleep from control panel, it still locks the machine in between the script execution- thinking it is in idle mode? Could some one help me resolve this? Thanks!

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    A quick internet search for "Windows 10 sleeping when set not to" showed me that a lot of people have encountered that problem.  I can't recommend anything on other sites that I haven't tried, but you can ask your IT department if they have any suggestions or give them the results of that search and ask which one you should use.  

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      hosanna ,


      i would recommend you to please try the below approach as i was also facing the same issue before and the solution worked for me:


      keep the power point in presentation in the background  and Triger the execution using TestComplete.


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    Thanks everyone! 

    hosanna do the suggestions help? Please let the Community know.