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13 years ago

SVG dom interpreter

Will there be a SVG interpreter soon so that the different SVG elements show up in the DOM structure?

As now the cavans element is the last element to show up in the DOM model.

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    Hi Håkan,

    I'm afraid, SVG on web pages isn't currently supported. I've filed a feature request for this, and we'll try to add SVG support in one of the future releases.

    Thanks for the feedback!
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    Can you add a vote for this feature, please? Thanks

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    Hi Stephanie,


    Since TestComplete 9.0, the product recognizes SVG and its text elements.We have a suggestion to implement support for more SVG elements (rect, circle, and so on) - I've increased its rating. Currently, to test them, you can use native DOM methods (getElementById, getElementsByTagName, etc.).