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5 years ago

REST Attachments: Not able to attach svg file in query

Hello all,

I want to send a svg file in the Message body of a REST Put Request. I think that I set the correct content type "image/svg+xml" in the Attachments panel

Nevertheless ReadyAPI sends "application/octect-stream" for the svg file instead.


Does anybody have an idea how to get the correct content type?


Best regards


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        Hi Burkhard 


        Did you resolve your issue?   Apologies I've only just seen this post, but I had something similar maybe a year ago (I find the 'multipart/form-data' type/'Post QueryString' switch fiddly to use in ReadyAPI!).


        I got it working eventually but with some help from the board- if you still haven't got it sorted I was going to trawl through the posts from a year ago - (but I'm a little reluctant to do this if you've fixed your issue!)


        nice one,