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8 years ago

Suddenly cannot spy any browser elements beyond window


Up until today, I have been able to use TestComplete to test our (web) application. Suddenly, however, I am not able to spy any objects contained on pages, only the container "Window". This happens in Firefox 48, Edge, IE & Chrome. I also tested other sites like and it is still only spying the window. Up until lunch time today all were working fine. I have tried closing testcomplete as well as restarting my computer, but the issue still persists.


Any suggestions on how I can start spying my page objects again? If I go to the NameMapping editor and select a control, then tell it to highlight on screen the control is highlighted, I just cannot select it with the Object Spy tool.

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    8 years ago


    I worked with support to get this resolved. It turned out to be a bug when using multiple monitors. If anyone sees a similar issue, contact them for a patch until the next update arrives.