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5 years ago

Sharing existing items with multiple projects

Hello,   Situation: I have a Project Suite containing 23 Projects. I use one project to create/mainting the scripts which are then used to be shared with other project.   Problem: Every ...
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    5 years ago

    We have a very simple solution, which works fine for our need.
    We have a external tool used for some of our tests. All interaction for this is kept in a project solely for this. Mapping are needed for the tool in all the referencing projects within the project suite. But this tool rarely changes, so it is manageble.


    Also we keep some windows system "utilities" for for the test in the same project. This code is with out using namemapping. So this part is easy.


    Units from this "shered" project are imported as exsisting units into the projects where we need them.

    This works fine, within this scope.