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6 years ago

SetText issue, upgrading from TC11.31 to TC12.31

So i just upgrade my project from TC11.31 to TC12.31, however i encounter a problem when i am using SetText method to certain edit box. The error is as shown in picture below, somehow it detect unexpected window but there wasn't any other window. There's also the log error "the operation was interrupted by the user", but i didn't do anything.
The code was working fine on TC11.31, can anyone help me on this?

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    I see that, for each of those errors, there is a picture included.  Does the captured picture give any visual indication as to what's going on?

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      Thank you for your response.
      I just check the captured picture, however i didn't see anything wrong.
      On the first error "Unexpected window", it only showed the dialog window that have edit box that i want to fill.
      On the second and third error, it showed the entire windows desktop while the application is running.

      I have tried using the "Ignore Unexpected Window" on the project properties, however I receive the following error:
      "The 'Default Library' window is invisible and thus cannot be activated. 10:15:49 Normal "

      "The test execution was interrupted. 10:15:49 Normal "

      This is so weird because the edit box that i want to SetText in not in the 'Default Library' window,
      I don't even  have 'Default Library' window on my name mapping.

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        Try setting a breakpoint on the test line before the one that gets the error.  Let the test pause there so you can click through the test steps manually and see what's happening.  That may give you a clue.