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3 years ago

SessionCreator.exe can't create user session

Hi there,

I have a problem with executing automation tests remotely with SessionCreator.exe. To run tests I execute command

SessionCreator.exe RunTest /UserName:MY_USER_HERE /Password:MY_PASSWORD_HERE /ScreenResolution:1920*1200 /Timeout:14400 /ProjectPath:PATH\PROJECT_NAME.pjs /project:PROJECT_NAME /ExportLog:PATH\results.html

This is the result I get from CI.

14:25:52 SessionCreator : Failed to create the user session.
14:25:52 The user 'MY_USER_HERE' failed to log in to this host using Remote Desktop. An internal error has occurred.

It is quite strange situation because everything worked for over a year and now it stopped.

CI agent runs as Local Service and and the user has the appropriate permissions. I followed the description from this link

The only one error from report generator that I have found is

C:\Windows\SysWOW64\logoncli.dll File description: Net Logon Client
An exception has occurred First chance exception 0xC000001D ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION occurred at 0x742012C9
0x742012C9 in aqReporter.dll
0x74267E1B in aqReporter.dll
0x0042273D in TestExecute.exe
0x00422CE2 in TestExecute.exe
0x0055B7EF in TestExecute.exe
0x41011278 in tcRTL.bpl
0x410113D4 in tcRTL.bpl
0x76690419 in kernel32.dll
0x776872FD in ntdll.dll
0x776872CD in ntdll.dll

Please help me solve the issue, it's quite urgent for my team. Thanks in advance!

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    Since you got the dump file, did you also report this to Support?


    You said this suddenly stopped working.  What changed? 

    Did you update your TestComplete/Test Execute version?  If so, are TC and TE on the same version number? 

    Did you start testing in a different environment?

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    The user 'MY_USER_HERE' failed to log in to this host using Remote Desktop. An internal error has occurred.


    Another possible reason for the failure might be if some interactive message/window (like legal notice) was introduced by your company's network administrators. Can you check that nothing except login and password is requested if you try to RDP into test machine manually?