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15 years ago

"Server not started" error message


I am trying to do some distributed testing. I have one master computer and one slave computer.

I entered my slave computer in the list of Hosts. When I try to verify the slave computer, I get an error message "Server not started".

-The slave computer has TextExecute (version 7.52.678.11) and tcrea.exe running.

-The master computer has TestComplete (version 7.52.678.7) and tcrea.exe running.

- The slave computer is recognized as I see the computer being locked by the master computer process.

Any clues?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Benoit,

    To troubleshoot the problem, please follow the steps below:

    1. Check whether all of the conditions listed in the "Message - Verification failed" help topic are met.

    2. Try restarting Network Suite Remote Agent (tcrea.exe) on the slave and master machines as it is described in the "About Network Suite Remote Agent (tcrea)" help topic.

    3. Try configuring Windows Firewall as it is described in the "TestComplete and Windows Firewall" help topic. If you have any other antiviral or firewall software installed on the master or slave machine - try disabling it.

    4. Make sure that all of the projects located in the slave project suite contain the Network Suite project item.

    If none of these steps helps you resolve the problem, we will need project suites from both machines - zip the entire project suite folders. Then, submit a request via our Contact Support form and attach the resulting archives to your request.