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2 months ago

Sending Email from scripts - 2024 Edition

What is the proper 2024 method of sending/recieving email from a script? How can I do this using an Office 365 email account?

I have been using CDO to send emails from my scripts for years similar to the code listed here: Unfortunately, our test email environment is getting removed so I need a new solution. I think CDO is not the future solution because according to Microsoft, CDO is an outdated technology that is no longer supported. I am also curious how the Builtin.Sendemail function works "under the hood". My gut tells me it probably just uses CDO also.

Anyways, I need the proper / modern solution for sending (and receiving emails) from scripts. Our corporate email is Office 365 so preferably a solution that works with that. 

I am guessing the proper solution is some type of API call? 

Any suggestions? 


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