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14 years ago

Selective loading of certain units

I've been trying to cut down on some of our projects times while running our scripts and the initial load, and it has been coming along fine until I ran into an issue with trying to minimize the initial load time of our scripts.  When our scripts load, it will take 2-5 minutes to load before the test items will begin to execute.  I did some testing and found that even though some of the scripts are not being used (I have a library of multiple files for testing) they will still get loaded when the project is first ran.  I created a new project to test some things and created a couple of scripts where some linked to other units and such, then I had one unit that wasn't referenced (linked) to any scripts and what I found out was that even though that script wasn't used, it was still loaded.  Is there any way to stop a script from being linked when its not even being used?  In my case I have one specific script that isn't being used except for one test case thats causing the long initial load, so I would like to be able to disable the linking of that one unless the specific test case is run for it.

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  • Hi Aaron,

    TC parses scripts when you start a test, so, currently, there's no way to prevent certain units from loading.