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5 years ago

Script works, setting breakpoint complains about unable to find the object

When I execute the script without a breakpoint, the script completes successfully. However, if I set a breakpoint after the flex/flash log in screen, click on locals in debug to view the variables, n...
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    5 years ago



    It is my understanding that Locals pane implements a kind of 'lazy evaluation' in order to speed things up.

    I.e., when test script stops on a breakpoint with Locals pane visible, TestComplete starts evaluation of all local variables to get their values. If a variable references some UI element, TestComplete tries to get a reference to it and, if the object does not exist, then TestComplete tries to re-evaluate it (via search through the UI objects hierarchy, which is time consuming, but this is your case).

    I would recommend to not keep Locals pane visible unless you need it and hide it (switch to some other pane) before resuming script execution.