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5 years ago

Script is getting fail in CrossbrowserTesting on first line Set page = Sys.Browser("*").Page("*")

I am trying to execute script in crossbrowsertesting.

My script execute and fail in early of execution, It's failing on below line of a function

Set page = Sys.Browser("*").Page("*")

while when i execute the same script normally without crossbrowsertesting. It's working fine

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    1)  What's the error message as recorded in the log?

    2) What's the rest of the code leading up to that line of code?

    3) What OS/Browser combination are you using in CrossBrowserTesting?


    There are a LOT of reasons for failing on that line and we could spend a lot of electronic bits flying back and forth explaining them all... but the more detail you can give us about the circumstances of the error, the easier it will be to get you an answer.

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      Hi hkim5 tristaanogre 

      Please check attach screenshot for falied log details.

      I am using windows 10, chrome 73 and resolution 1920*1080 in crossbrowsertesting

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        I need to see the code itself beyond the line you are indicating.

        Generally speaking, though, based upon the messages....

        1) Something in your code is trying to use Chrome in an environment where Chrome is not installed hence it's switching over to firefox.  If you intend to test your automation on multiple browsers, you need to make sure that you properly set up your code to be non-browser specific.

        2) I see two different error message sets which indicates two different environments.... one in which Chrome is NOT installed and one on which it is.  To narrow down your problem, let's stick with one environment

        3) The "chrome extension is not installed" error seems to be something you need to address with the CrossBrowserTesting people.  If an environment is being used by CrossBrowserTesting via TestComplete, the chrome extension needs to be present.  

        4) With CrossBrowserTesting, because many of these environments are being spun up from cold start, there are things that need to load.  You're expecting the browser and the page to be immediately accessible in that line of code.  You should use more "Wait" functions.  Look up "WaitBrowser" and "WaitChild" and even the standard "Wait" function off of the page itself.  These methods make the code "smarter" when it comes to detecting when an object is available.

  • Just a quick thought 

    could you try using aliases instead of the testcomplete Sys object?

    so maybe something like: 

    set page = Aliases.Browser("*").Page("*")

    typically in the automation scripts, Aliases are more commonly used.