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6 years ago

Saving the Project Suit

Hi all


Our TestComplete software is installed in C: drive. The Project Suit was originally in C: drive too and it worked fine until recently moved to or network drive.

Now, whenever I create a single keyword test and as soon as I run it I get a message 'Saving the project suit....please wait' and it takes almost a minute for it to save. This wasn't the case when project suit was in C: drive.

This behaviour is really annoying bcoz everytime I run my keyword test script, the project suit is first saved which takes almost a minute and then the test is executed.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated to get rid of this saving issue.






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    This is likely because of a slow connection to your shared network drive and not something specific to Test Complete itself. You might need to talk with your infrastructure team. 

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      It kind of a make sense but what doesn't make sense is that when we have project in C: drive it does not auto save it everytime a keyword test is run. However when the same project is in network drive, and everytime a single keyword test is run it gets auto save. Is there a way this auto save can be stopped ?

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        Every time a test is run, the first thing that happens is the project is saved. This is standard always.  If you think about it, it makes sense.  if any changes have been made, the project needs to be saved to disk before the project can be executed.  The save just happens quickly enough on your C drive that you don't notice it.  Network delays, lag time, etc., are why you are seeing it happen with the project on your network drive.