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5 years ago

Running Testcomplete GUI test cases on locked local Windows machine



I am trying to run automated GUI test cases on my local windows machine. As soon as I lock my machine, the execution gets stuck and Testcomplete is unable to locate the objects.

Is there any workaround by which we can make Testcomplete identify the objects OR user actions can be simulated even after the local windows machine is locked?


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      Consider this:


      Can a human being click on a button or component on screen if the computer system is locked?  The answer: no.  TestComplete utilizes UI interaction to execute tests on the application under test.  If the UI is not available, the tests cannot complete.  You cannot lock your machine and have the automations run.

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      Hi DWalsh,


      The link you shared involves using RDP or VM server. Unfortunately I can't user either of these. Is there a way to solve this issue without using RDP or VM? I am trying to run it solely on Local Windows machine.