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8 years ago

Running reoccuring TestComple Schedule Tasks on locked computer

Are there any suggestions or best practices on how to successfully run TestComplete web tests from the Windows 7 Task Scheduler once the machine has locked?


My tests run fine as long as the machine is unlocked.  I understand that this may be Windows behavior issue but I am hoping that the community can suggest a workaround besides leaving the computer unlocked.




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    You always have to have an active unlocked user session to run tests. 

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      cunderw is correct. A lot of TestComplete's stuff it does requires the ability to interact with the UI. If the UI is inaccessible due to the VM being locked, the test cannot run.

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    We have the same problem when running via Remote Desktop with either TestComplete or TestExecute.


    We found that by running Remote Desktop and not locking that screen we can lock the screen of the PC that is running the Remote desktop. However you need to make sure that the remote will not go into lock mode.


    I also played with a trial version of QAComplete which can run remote sessions or TC/TE on a locked computer.