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12 years ago

Reviewers can't find / get finished button leading to stalled reviews.

I have been in a few reviews using this tool, and all of them seem stalled because, even though I've approved all changes and the overall review, I don't see a "Finish" button.  I am generally using the browser interface.  Is there a way to see what is ultimately required, still, before I can see and use this button?

Others seem to be having this problem, too.  Many of the reviewers are resorting to using the "Wait" button to stop the spam from tool, or filtering it entirely.  I have read the blog post on how to end the review now, but I don't find changing peoples' roles until I have no reviewers left to be an acceptable change.  I also don't want to cancel the review.  I just want to finally accept the changes made as the final version and move on.

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