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3 years ago

Retrieving Data from Testcase log in TestComplete

Hello Everyone..!


I am trying to integrate Ready API testcase inside TestComplete project. So Here is my scenario,

i have a Rest request part of ReadyAPI project and it was added under TestComplete project suite and i am able to send the request successfully. However, from the request body i am sending a customerID (Dynamically generating runtime) which needs to create a customer record on  successful 201, but now i need to pass that cutomerID to my UI test case and validate Web application whether the customer record has been created or not. i have tried couple of Log.message.Child methods but not able to to fetch the desired value from log details.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


FYI: the request body is being displayed under Details section of Log generated.


Thanks in advance.

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    The Log object only lets you post things to the log, not get them out. 


    Show us a screenshot of how you have integrated this api call into TestComplete and maybe we can suggest something from there.