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14 years ago

removing remarks from MHT file?


I'm running a large solution, where I would like to send the overall run to some people without the remarks being added to the log. 

I couldn't find anywhere any easy solution to filtering things from the MHT file before saving it I use a simple

"Log.SaveResultsAs FileName, 2"  to save the MHT file, however I would like to either before or after be able to remove remarks from it, and looking at it seems a bit daunting. 



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  • Hello Mike,

    There is no single option that allows you to disable the log remarks. Here's what you can do:

    1. You can eliminate saving the content of remarks by handling the OnLog<...> events. You need to assign an empty string to the StrEx property of the LogParams parameter like this:

    function GeneralEvents_OnLogEvent(Sender, LogParams)


           LogParams.StrEx = "";


    For more information, see the Creating an Event Handler for the OnLogError Event help topic.

    2. If you need to export the existing test log, the only solution is to create a script that exports it in the needed format by yourself. You can find a sample of exporting a test log into a custom format in the Scripting Access to the Test Log Contents help topic.