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3 years ago

Trying to remove CDATA from response not working

Hi All,


I am hoping someone can help me here! 


I have have a REST request that is returning a response, which seems to be in JSON format. I don't know much about JSON at all.


I can see the XML response also, which contains the "<![CDATA[" tag. 
I want to remove the CDATA tag, so that I can use the "Outline" tab to extract necessary data from the response.

I am using an event handler to replace all; in order to remove the tag but it isn't removing it.

The strange part of this is, when I try and remove any other text, that text is removed, which proves the event handler is working.

It just won't remove the CDATA tag.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I will attach a snip of the XML tab, and also the code I have in the event handler is below.

The event handler is "RequestFilter.afterRequest"


def content = context.httpResponse.responseContent

content = content.replaceAll( "<!\\[CDATA\\[", "" )
content = content.replaceAll( "]]>", "" ) content )

context.httpResponse.responseContent = content


Thanks in advance.


  • Oh yes sure!

    So the response was returned in JSON; which contained 3 nodes.

    The 2nd node contained the XML I needed to extract my necessary data; called "suite_id"


    I set up a property called "XMLData"; and a property transfer. 

    I used the Property Transfer "wizard" to select the 2nd JSON node, via the XPATH path language.

    I transferred this to the XMLData Property; so this now contains the XML response.


    From here I set up a new property, "SuiteID", and another property transfer.

    Using the new property transfer, I was able to extract the SuiteID data from the XMLData property. Again using the XPath language in the property transfer wizard.

    I transferred the data to my "SuiteID" property. 

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