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6 years ago

regular expressions not working in javascript using clickItem

Hi everyone,


I'm have some trouble with the regular expression in javascript while using clickItem.


I'm using this code: 

Aliases.HealthWin32.MainForm.MDIClient.frmLiveMessages.pnlClient.SplitterMain.TRzSplitterPane.pnlTreeview.tvMessages.ClickItem("regexp:\|Boîte de réception.*\|eHealth Box.*)");

and I'm always getting the following error:

The TreeView node 'regexp:' not found.

I did try a few thing but nothing does it.

Does anyone have any ideas, am I doing somthing wrong ? 

As per the documentation, what I'm doing seems to be correct.


thank you


  • Hi Phil,


    a) Thank you for the update;

    b) Just recollected after reading your message that in some cases it was required to enclose regexp subexpressions with parenthesis in order they match (this is documented but I don't have a link at hand). So you may try this:

    .tvMessages.ClickItem(/(\\|Boîte de réception.*)\\|(\\|eHealth Box.*)/);


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    > As per the documentation, what I'm doing seems to be correct.

    Can you provide a link to the help topic?

    I am not sure that regular expressions are supported to specify the full path to some tree view item.


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    Well... Thank you for the link... It looks that it should be possible indeed...

    Just two ideas to check:

    a) Duplicate slashes in the regexp string. I.e.:

    .ClickItem("regexp:\\|Boîte de réception.*\\|eHealth Box.*)");


    b) Try to use JavaScript-specific syntax (see code sample in the "Specifying Variable Parts in Object Captions" paragraph of the referenced help topic). Like this:

    .ClickItem(/\\|Boîte de réception.*\\|eHealth Box.*)/);


    Does this help?


    P.S. There seems to be non-paired closing parentheses in your code sample. May it be another problem?

    .ClickItem("regexp:\|Boîte de réception.*\|eHealth Box.*)");


    Shouldn't it be either

    .ClickItem("regexp:\\|Boîte de réception.*\\|eHealth Box.*\\)");

    or just

    .ClickItem("regexp:\\|Boîte de réception.*\\|eHealth Box.*");



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      Hi Alex,


      the regex seems to be working but it can't find the TreeView, but this is another story :)

      I use the following: 

      Aliases.HealthWin32.MainForm.MDIClient.frmLiveMessages.pnlClient.SplitterMain.TRzSplitterPane.pnlTreeview.tvMessages.ClickItem(/\\|Boîte de réception.*\\|eHealth Box.*/);


      Thank you for your help, and thank you for pointing out the ')' whicih was not escaped :p

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        Hi Alex,


        The regular expression wasn't  working at all, I always had an error stating that it couldn't find the expression and the searched term was: '<This is blank>', empty string, which was not correct, so I ended up using wildcards instead


        ClickItem("*eHealth Box*")

        And this worked like a charm.


        Thank again for your help