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11 years ago

Regular Expression for a mulitple instance

I am automating a windows application which has multiple instance problem so the object property always have a dynamic identifier

Sys.Process("CANARA_EXPORT", 4).WinFormsObject("Frmlogin").WinFormsObject("GroupBox1").WinFormsObject("Label1")

("CANARA_EXPORT",4) is dynamic

it changes to ("CANARA_EXPORT",5) or any other no.

Pls get me a regular expression code or syntax for this issue

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    You can get the more information on below link -

    Refer below code

    Sub Test
      Set re = New RegExp
      re.Pattern = ("[a-z]*")
      If re.Test("[a-z]*")  Then
        msgbox "Successful match"
        msgbox "No match"
      End If
    End Sub