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12 years ago

Recording scripts using Mapped Objects and not Aliases

Hello and Happy New Year!

I don't know what has changed on my computer, but for some reason, when I record a new test, instead of using the aliased objects that I made, the test will add new objects (or not, depending if I have "Map Object Names Automatically" enabled).

All of the Aliased objects can find the correct object just fine when I right click and select "Highlight on screen", but once again, when I record, TC decides to map all new objects, as oppossed to using the ones I already have. . .

Thanks for your help!!



After further investigation, it appears as if when we map an object with the "FullName" property, TC wants to create another instance of that same object and attempt to remap that object and all of its children that were applicable in the test. Upon removing "FullName" property, TC will use that object and its children, until it runs into another object with the "FullName" property.

Unfortunately we have to use the fullName property, as some of our objects change names during execution. FullName was working just fine a few days ago, I'm not quite sure what changed in between to cause it to stop working. . .

Thanks again for your time.

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    Hi Sean,


    Maybe the new year affects this way :)

    Compare the old and new mapping criteria of several parent objects. I believe the answer is out there.


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    Also wanted to point something out.  If we play the tests back that we previously recorded with the fullName attribute, the tests will run just fine. It is when we record, that the script does not pick up the mapped objects that we had mapped before.

    Thanks again :-)